Systemic Constellations - Dates


As part of my coaching activities I regularly offer systemic constellation workshops.


Systemic constellation work opens up the possibility of taking full responsibility for oneself and one's actions. By recognizing important interconnections in our life we are enabled to see problems and difficulties in a new light and thus to master or solve them more easily. In this context the above mentioned term "responsibility" is intended to mean "ability to respond".



  • currently no workshops scheduled

Workshop Info:


- maximum 8 participants per workshop


Working hours:

- 9.00 to 19.00 h



- 39015 St. Leonhard in Passeier, Gerichtsweg 1



- 120,-€/participant/workshop. Lunch and refreshments are included.



- German is the working language of the workshop



- by E-Mail at



- Tel. +39 349 365 3861 or



Please note the following: All workshops listed are independent one-day workshops. The working language is German. Every participant commits himself/herself to treat information about participants who present any concerns as clients confidentially. If a participant presents a concern, he/she assumes the responsibility that other participants will learn personal information about him/her. Every participant takes part in the workshop on his/her own responsibility. There is no legal claim.