Thomas Alexander Pixner

Born 1971 in Meran/South Tyrol

Married, 3 children

Lives with his family in St. Leonhard in Passeier/South Tyrol/Italy




  • Business School in Meran/Italy
  • International Economics & Business in Innsbruck/Austria and Limerick/Ireland
  • Further education and trainings in the following areas:
    • Brand Management (Geneva)
    • Strategic Distribution (Geneva)
    • Strategic Brand Communication (Munich)
    • Franchising (Munich)
    • Rhetoric (Bozen, Innsbruck)
    • Merchandising (Milan)
    • Systemic Constellation Work (Siegsdorf)


Work experience:

  • Military service with the Italian Army
  • Broad experience in the hospitality industry in Italy, Austria and Australia. Experiences include working as hotel secretary, hotel manager, bar keeper, waiter, kitchen assistant and porter.
  • Taking over and running the family business (hospitality industry) at the age of 21 years, after his father's death
  • Management of the family business during university studies
  • Administrative officer in a municipal administration
  • Franchise manager at a medium-sized company in Italy
  • Brand manager at a medium-sized company in Italy
  • Independent management consultant
  • Independent coach and strategy consultant



  • German (mother language)
  • Italian
  • English



  • Sports
  • Nature
  • Mountain hunting
  • Reading