Does your company have a HEART?


Do you know where it beats, and how it animates people, products and processes?


Sometimes a vision slumbers in a company, its full potential unrealized during day-to-day business or undermined by conflict. With the help of a skilled strategy coach you can wake this vision and summon its power.


Results you can expect:

  • Development of a tailor-made entrepreneural strategy
  • Development of a tailor-made brand concept (including mission,  brand identity, markets/target groups, positioning)
  • Tailor-made strategic reorientation of your company
  • Tailor-made coaching of the entrepreneur.  As coach I function as sparring partner, mirror, catalyst and impulse generator in strategic decision-making processes.

What are your benefits?

  • Clarity about the strengths of your company and your brand
  • Clarity about the value of your company's products and services
  • Clarity about the distribution of roles within the company
  • Clarity about who the right performance partners are
  • Conflict resolution
  • Effective and efficient use of company resources
  • Fostering of "profit logic": Strategy consulting promotes and strengthens a culture within the company, prioritizing the strategic value and counter-value of business transactions over day-to-day price and sales pressures  - helping you transition from sales logic to profit logic.
  • Fostering of "brand logic": Strategy consulting can serve to create a lasting brand logic within a company, by reinforcing two key decision rules: 1) Are we that? and 2) Will this benefit us in the long term?
  • Focus: Sound strategies can serve as a "compass" for coherent strategic decisions that stand the test of time.

Strategy consulting promotes basic solutions

Typical symptoms of "growth inhibitors" or undesirable developments in a company are:

  • Although you spend a lot of money on advertising and promotional activities, your company's profits stagnate or fall
  • You have the impression that your customers only look at the price and do not fully appreciate the quality of your products
  • Your products are weakening over time (Losing market share? Are prices under pressure? Is it difficult to introduce new products?)
  • Your sales partners confirm that you have good products, yet order little or nothing from you
  • A high proportion of chronically dissatisfied employees

Frequently, the difficulties above are symptoms, not root causes. They often reflect deeper, internal imbalances in a company, which occur when the company has lost sight of its strengths and motivations, and is instead focusing on "the market".


True solutions are inside the company. The profitability of your company can only be fully realized, secured or restored if you focus on its true strengths, and use them to the best of your ability. Strategy consulting can make a decisive contribution here. 

When does strategy consulting make sense?

Strategy consulting can bring clarity to a wide range of specific business circumstances; however you should be aware of two things:


1) Only you can solve your problems.

A strategy consultant cannot! A strategy consultant can only help you and your company (re)discover the original or hidden "engines" that drive your performance through candid exploration of strength, motivations, resources and challenges.


2) Strategy consulting means investing time and effort.

Are you prepared to invest a significant portion of your own time in developing sound strategies? If not, I recommend you wait until you are; there is no sense in wasting time.