Is your HEART ready to leap?


Time and again, life presents us with challenges. Some we master alone, many with the support of others. Through each difficulty we overcome, we become stronger, and more ourselves.


We are all born with the ability to face life challenges with courage, curiosity and confidence, but often we lose this ability, as we get older. Perhaps because we have suffered painful defeats, perhaps because we have lacked the support of loved ones at key moments.


But every now and then a quiet voice reminds us: "You can do it, if you really want to, and if you find the courage".


Personal Coaching

See the solution.

You are uniquely equipped, through your own life experiences and your personal strengths and talents, to acknowledge and respond to the challenges you face.

My role as a coach is to help you to see and feel the possible solutions and to support you to come into the power for your solutions.


Topics people successfully address through coaching include:

- Overcoming difficulties in the relationship between parents and children

- Addressing concerns about children's behavior

- Solving relationship problems in partnerships

- Solving recurring problems at work

- Addressing vocational transitions

- Establishing community / belonging

- Reducing chronic stress and overload

- Connecting with purpose, in work or life

- Dissatisfaction, disorientation, alienation

- Authenticity and groundedness: Addressing concerns that you are not living "your" life

Entrepreneur Coaching

Find your balance.

Entrepreneurship holds the promise of self-determination and fulfilling work, but the responsibilities and pressures can challenge even the most grounded person to maintain a healthy balance - between life and work; urgency and importance; self-reliance and delegation; risk and reward.

By helping you to connect with your true priorities, a coach can help you to liberate your attention from distractions, concentrate on what matters, and gain the clarity and strength to fully realize a self-determined, fulfilling life.


Topics that effective entrepreneurs seek coaching for include:

- Success and progress at work, but recurring conflicts at home

- Perceived emotional distance from children and loved ones

- Conflicts between business/life partners regarding visions, strategies, responsibilities or leadership style

- Burnout; loss of joy

- Concerns of competition, takeover, succession

- Transitions of control  (e.g. taking over a business from a relative)

- Recurring conflicts with employees

- Bringing work stress home, taking home stress to work

- Balancing physical and emotional health with workplace pressures and expectations


  • Is my topic effectively addressed by coaching? Essentially, coaching provides perspective; and perspective helps us address the topics we care deeply about, but may be "too close" to see clearly, in a wide range of personal and professional contexts.The most important requirement: You yourself want to make a positive change.
  • Is there a minimum number of coaching hours? No. You are in charge, and free to decide after each session if or when you would like to continue.
  • Where does the coaching take place? In a safe, comfortable, confidential space, reserved exclusively for coaching.
  • Is a non-binding initial consultation possible? Yes; I would be happy to offer you a non-binding and free initial consultation - and refer you to another coach if you request, or I sense that an alternate match could better serve your specific needs.
  • I can't be more specific. All I feel is that I want to change something. Does coaching make sense at all? The most important prerequisite for working with a coach is that you want to make a change. The most important task for a coach is to help you expand and strengthen your own problem-solving skills. This includes gaining clarity about what is really important to you.

Legal Notice:

The aim of my work is to support the client in finding a harmonious balance between feeling, thinking and acting. In this way, healing and recovery processes can also be meaningfully supported and internal growth can be promoted. The approaches and methods used in my coaching do not replace medical and/or psychological diagnosis and treatments, but can complement them in meaningful ways. There is no legal claim. My offer does not replace a doctor, psychotherapist or alternative practitioner. If you have any concerns of physical or psychological harm, danger or complaints, please consult your doctor or psychotherapist.